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Dora and Peter sat down in the sofa and relaxed for a few minutes. It is optional, you can go all-in without playing it. It is worth the same as your partner's virtue, 25 dollars. The poker club meets the first Saturday every month, the three couples would take turns hosting it and making dinner. " "Fine." Wanda took a white and a black checker piece, and held them up for dramatic effect. "We play as usual, but if you run out of chips you must first sell the clothes. Unlike strip poker, you have to sell the clothes before you bet the chips. "Ok, please continue, Wanda." "Now the markers, they are special. It counts as 25 dollar," "We are pretty cheap, all of us! "It counts as 25 dollars," Wanda continued, "and if you win the hand, you just take it back. He can get the 25 dollars, and nothing more happens. "The guys only have one hole, so if one of us girls win we can fuck him from behind with this one." "Wait a moment! If I win over one of you girls, I have to fuck Mitch or Phil in the ass? In the end, she could not ignore that the correct play was to raise, so she raised a rather large amount, expecting Peter to fold. Now they all began to bet a bit more freely, nevertheless nothing dramatic happened for the next 15 minutes. They all knew he was the best poker player of them all. Since there was no use denying it, she went to the bedroom and came back with her strap-on. But with these rules, winning her husband's stack was not necessarily a good idea. "First blood" she stated with confidence, but her husband's stack had shrunk dangerously. Phil, Dora and Mitch folded, but Wanda at the button raised. The flop came down, three and eight of hearts, ten of diamonds. Unfortunately for them, first Sara ran out of chips, and had to sell Mitch's clothes; and soon after Wanda was naked too. She had three jacks, but Wanda had raised 12 chip and she only had 10.

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Sara and Mitch both patted her pussy as they said goodbye, and Dora kissed them both passionately on the mouth. Dora turned towards her husband, and looked at him. "You don't seem to have had enough yet," she said and patted the bulge.

Disclaimer: Despite the word 'rape' in the title, all acts are done voluntarily and with enthusiasm. Dinner was prepared, and just needed to be put in the oven. "Or we could have a friendly game of Rape Poker." "RAPE poker?? I don't care about my ass, as long as I don't have to soil my beloved dick." Mitch and Phil looked at each other. Then Dora got ace and king of spades, and decided it was time for some action.

Everything was as it should be, but only just in time. Strip poker is for teenagers, it is kind of boring if you know how the opposite sex looks between the legs. They didn't say anything, but it was obvious they though Peter had strange priorities. When you have sold your partner's clothes and virtue, you can play the black marker. You have to strip naked, and for one hour the remaining five get to fuck you any way we want." "That's a tough version of poker," Peter said. " They stood a while in silence, looking at each other. "This is madness." Then she smiled, "I'm game." "Me too," Sara and Mitch said simultaneously. Peter was the big blind, and Sara and Phil had folded, so she raised.

A moment later Wanda and Phil arrived, and they began to set up the poker table.

It was a hot afternoon, one of those days where you would welcome a thunderstorm that just never comes. "You shouldn't complain," Dora said, "Peter and I have been running around cleaning the house.

Once they had finished eating, the guests prepared to leave.

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