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Postage rates: My father — a freelance bookkeeper for many years — kept a list like this, and I made a copy of his list sometime in the 1970's, and then kept updating it myself every time there was a rate increase. Links to the US Postal Service web site are constantly changing, so there may be a number of broken links below. History of post card rates came from the US Postal Rate Commission, which has this to say about post card rates: "The post card rate has remained at 20 cents since 1995. ZIP Code began July 1, 1963, according to The Postal Service History Page.The reductions amount to more than four percent and are a result of removing the 2014 Exigent Surcharge.Postage prices set to go down, and the USPS isn't happy. Postal Service, which was ordered to cut the price by its regulator, is not happy about that. Timeline of Significant Dates in Post Office History.On January 10, 1999, however, a one cent charge for the card itself was implemented, in addition to the postage.Domestic Mail Rate History: This document shows that ZIP 4 does hold down the cost of postage... In other words, it makes unsolicited junk mail easier to send, but it doesn't reduce the cost of a first-class letter at all.Along the way I also found a complete Glossary of postal terms [PDF file] and a Postage Rate Calculator.

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Postal Service wants to increase cost of stamps, to 49 cents. CBS News reports this morning that they will trim one-sixth of their deliveries by ending 150 years of Saturday service for first-class mail.

Added 1/20/2012: If you are using historical postage rates in classroom instruction, you might also appreciate this handy tool to adjust prices for inflation.

Added 9/5/2015: The current postage rates are listed on the USPS web site. Beginning Sunday [4/10/2016], the price of a first-class stamp drops two cents, to 47 cents.

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe told senators Thursday that the cash-strapped Postal Service had "little choice" in proposing to raise the price of mailing a letter to 49 cents.

Donahoe's appearance Thursday before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee came one day after the post office said it wanted to raise the price of a first-class stamp by 3 cents. Postal Service officials to trim billion from the budget, to be formally announced Wednesday [2/6/2013]. Another day shorter and lighter in debt — or so the Post Office hopes.

Putting a 20 cent stamp on a private card avoids the one cent card charge." Airmail rates are not shown here; however, it is worth noting that domestic airmail was eliminated as a separate subclass of mail service, effective May 1, 1977.* ZIP 4 was announced in 1978 and implemented October 1, 1983 according to Unicover.

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