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Now, if I immediatly open regedit and look at Dynamic Site Name, it will show the CORRECT name being the site the computer is really in.I'm leaving one of these computers online to see what heppens.Would that allow mobile users (laptops) to always update their site name every time they restart?Hi I beg to differ with your comments "PCs only query for their site location one time, then Dynamic Site Name is created and they are in that site forever unless the key is removed" The Dynamic Site Name updation can be controlled using the Site Name Timeout reg key Please go through the below article Wanted to give an update....However, today I set up a computer in Default-First-Site-Name and moved it plugging it into the network associated with Site B.I notice it is authenticating with DCs outside Site B and when I do gpresult, it still shows it in Default-First-Site.

Originally 2003 DCs and so far 1 2008 DC has been added.

I'm still working on this issue trying to figure out why some computers are authenticated with DCs in a site other than the one they are in.

The computers I've looked at are using DHCP and I've verified the addresses they get are correct. When that happens, I can do a gpresult and see near the top of the report, the Site Name shows the remote site name instead of the comptuer's local, and, the DC (%logonserver%) is one that is in the same site given by gpresult.

Hi Wincit, you wrote: The clients are using DHCP and one of the links above explains that locator service looks up the site each time the client IP is leased/renewed The DC Locator services searches the site info using the DNS query (_ldap.__msdcs.) till the time it does not have the Dynamic Site Name registry created, once this key is created even if the IP is renewed/leased by DHCP the query sent to the DNS server will have the old site name added to it e.g.(_ldap._tcp..__msdcs.) As far as the DNS is concerned the dc should only register to its own site and not in different site unless and until that site is empty.

If a particular site is empty then the DC register itself to the empty sites using feature Automatic Site Coverage managing Active Directory using Windows Powershell® is making you feel like you stepped back in time, you are not alone. I found the registry key mentioned in your links and the value matches the same site name that is reported by gpresult.

I'm wondering since the site is only wrong through gpresult, if it will get corrected on the next gp refresh seeing the the registry entry is correct??

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