Aries and scorpion dating


Whereas her lover wants to hear it again and again.Any mistake or failure on the expectation of man may make him withdraw or leave. You both are not opposite to each other but just that you don’t understand each other.Only one thing is negative in you that is - a feeling of jealousy and competition not only in the matters of love but also in your social life.You are attracted by a strong, independent and confident man.

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In this relationship, man has too much to amend himself - by his jealous behaviour, impulsiveness, troubling the partner without telling the reason that makes her Aries woman too much frustrated.An expert host and a good speaker – you feel satisfied as a career woman since you have a lot of energy and vigor and you balance both the areas efficiently.Your sense of appearance and taste are elegant and is suggested to use his energy in a constructive form. And Aries woman is suggested to keep patience when deal with her intense partner.Don’t give him chance to feel jealous and tell him the things before hand to avoid any mi Sunderstanding. Pamper him and make him important in life and for that you have to reduce your sociability too.When you both are together: Scorpio is watery fix and Aries is cardinal fire. Since you both are intense and physically attracted to each other but still may be very less comfortable with each other.

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