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It's exhausting." Down through the decades, the 47-year-old was misdiagnosed with everything from an eating disorder (because she would forget to eat) to an anxiety disorder (because her heart would race) by a succession of medics."My parents took me to doctors all the time as a young child, and they diagnosed all sorts of things from digestive problems through to just being spoilt," says Laura, who at age 23 spent three months in rehab after becoming addicted to the tranquilliser Lorazepam, which she was prescribed for hyperventilation syndrome following yet another missed diagnosis.I think we try very hard to appear neurotypical, and in some respects that's great because it allows us to achieve things. "It's a bit like working in a second language, I imagine.You've just pitched up in this new country and everything you're saying and everything that's being said to you, you're having to translate in your head.The entire film is set one to two years after the death of Laura Barns, where a video was posted of her passing out drunk at a party and soiling herself.Needless to say, a lot of people ridiculed her, driving her to commit suicide.

It's a unique take on the Found Footage genre, taking place on one of the character's computer screens.

"I always knew I was different from a young age," she explains.

"I remember distinctly being five years old in the primary school playground and watching the other girls, thinking: 'I don't understand why they're doing that.' But I also remember thinking: 'I can't let anyone see that I'm different so I must pretend.' "If something was fashionable when I was at school, like Barbie dolls or French skipping, I would try and get very into those things.

"I've always felt really that it was all my fault and now I can understand why the doctors misdiagnosed it, and equally, I can understand why none of it was my fault.

I don't feel angry - I feel vindicated." "Autistic people generally don't like functioning labels simply because I'm here now functioning brilliantly with you, but if you'd seen me yesterday when I was on a plane with my head in my lap - I couldn't communicate with cabin crew, couldn't communicate with my husband because I was in a situation that I can't cope with - then you would say I was low-functioning. Everybody has felt socially awkward, ­everybody has had trouble communicating, everybody has been overwhelmed.

You could probably think of Saga from [TV series] The Bridge, but that would be about it, whereas with men, you could kind of list them and list them.

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