Consolidating accessing analyzing unstructured data Webcams nudelive net

This event-level workflow tool helps different types of end-users focus on the results relevant to them, rather than forcing them to review and manually sort through entire reports.

The product can distribute each entry within a report to “virtual queues” for relevant stakeholders and progress events through a customizable workflow. Allows users to interactively explore data security and compliance risk and operational results and insight through a pre-built analytics and visualization integration.

That enables more comprehensive analyses than would otherwise be possible.

One of the most common types of unstructured data is text.

For example, log files from websites, servers, networks and applications -- particularly mobile ones -- yield a trove of activity and performance data.Long-term, highly granular activity, vulnerability, entitlement and audit information may be consolidated in a low-cost, data security data lake, providing improved access to information while helping streamline data collection and data management and reducing costs.Provides authorized users (such as auditors, security analysts, and other users) with secure, direct access and self-service reporting capabilities to speed time to insights and to help Guardium administrators become less involved in data management and access issues, and more focused on data security, data protection and compliance progress.Other techniques that play roles in unstructured data analytics include data mining, machine learning and predictive analytics.Aggregates, stores, analyzes, and provides reports for database, file system, and big data platform security and compliance, data and file activity monitoring, data loss prevention (DLP), and other sources.For example, manufacturers can analyze sensor data to try to detect equipment failures before they occur in plant-floor systems or finished products in the field.

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