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The forum was then divided into two portions: (1) presentations by the panelists to introduce their area of expertise to the audience as well as to deliberate on the theme of the forum, and (2) a dialogue between the panel and the audience.

Michael Flecker spoke first, sharing his experiences and insights gleaned from more than two decades of archaeological excavations of ancient shipwrecks, in particular the Belitung Shipwreck.

His 7 year stint teaching mathematics in the American public education system was marked by a Teacher of the Year Award, and winning the USA National PTA Excellence in Education Partnership Award for his community/teacher support project initiatives.

Khir is currently a Director at Chersonese Capital Ltd, an investment management firm.

Local volunteers, academics, and artists have dedicated their time and craft to capture, recordand understand the legacy and meaning of Bukit Brown and its place in our nation’s history.In his free time he enjoys documenting oral history, and amassing materials originating from Insular Southeast Asia such as old publications, artefacts, food and music.Khir also conceptualised and designed the Singapore Heritage Society’s various Historic Kampong Gelam Walking Tours.Through learning more about this seemingly humble practice, we hope to leave with a deeper understanding of Malay culture.About the Speaker Khir Johari is a collector and an independent researcher on the history and culture of the Malay world.Commenting on the controversy which engulfed the Smithsonian Institution last year, Flecker thought it was a pity the artefacts from the Belitung Shipwreck were not exhibited as they held significant educational value.

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