Dating people with cats


Very few people who lose their cat remain cat-less.

Most people after they've grieved for a while get another cat.

Cats pretty much rule the world as they manipulate people with their cuteness.

Once they’ve hooked you, you’re powerless against them, and they will implant themselves in your heart forever.

I need a pet — like a good man — that gives me some loving, too. Dogs — like a good man — offer true companionship and can even respond to your mood.

Feline appreciation isn’t a sign of craziness, it’s a calling.They are strategic thinkers, great at solving mysteries, and know how to deal with mood swings.A crazy cat lady is actually a catch, and if you find one, do everything you can to hang on to her.If she loves cats, then there’s a good chance that the rest of her family does too.You can make extra bonus points with them if you make friends with their cat when you visit. Your crazy cat girl may be solidly on Team Feline, but she probably likes all animals.I have a totally cool friend, who could be called a cat lady because she recently adopted a special-needs kitten.

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