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Our new Rollerblade Disco Speed Dating is a real fun way to step out your comfort zone and let loose a little! Each person will be assigned a partner for a mini date and skate.

They were hard to steer and hard to stop because they didn't have brakes and as such were not very popular.i recommend if you have your own skates bring those obviously. If you want to go old school try 360 bonelesses, sal flips, street plants, and footplant impossibles."I would love to thank everyone for making this possible, and I do believe that a proper orgasm,every 3 hours, from a well hung man is crucial to winning.Long yoga sweat pants, sports jacket with warm clothing inside. gloves and keep your hair tied in a pony tail or braid or bun. Also swallowing is a great alternative to synthetic proteins." - Kristi Yamaguchi You should ussualy get a dress when you start competing in competitions but we all know its exciting to get a dress beforehand.90 minutes and this will see everyone paired up and skating as couples around the rink, whilst enjoying a mixture of music vibes!This night will be filled with laughter and great conversation with lovely singles – perfect for you! There will be plenty of time after the Speed Dating to carry on your conversations if someone interests you! you can borrow the roller blades on site, cost is included in the price.I'd love to go on Wednesdays being that it's adult night but I think they will be closed before I have a wednesday off again. SOMG i remember Roller Palace.......used to skate there all the time loland the wheels........

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