Dating the pyramids southern dating habits


Most pyramids are much older than was always assumed, way beyond our imagination. 1: Pyramids are believed to be not older than a few thousand years.

The truth is that they appear to be, in some cases, even older than 250,000 years – proven with our new mathematical theory.

They claim that this dating method is reliable, but there is no way for anyone to validate such a claim.

We cannot associate one thing to another with absolute certainty.

Due to the bent slope of its sides, the pyramid is believed to have been ancient Egypt's first attempt to build a smooth-sided pyramid.

The necropolis was the burial site for courtiers and high-ranking officials.

This interview with George Noory was originally webcast November 4, 2015.

From that, we can develop a theory which predicts what will happen next.

When we can verify it multiple times with our senses, we might become even more certain that the theory is complete and correct.

And that appears to be the major problem in dating any stone structure: .

There is not a single validation possible to back up any of the archaeologists’ claims.

We can do that by analyzing the orientation patterns of pyramids spread around the world.

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