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The sources, then, of the data from which this volume has been prepared are : — 1. In addition to the original of this book, there exists an excel- lent copy, which is in the hands of the pastor, the Rev. He appears to have entered all marriages solemnized by him during the years 1750, 17. The original record of births, marriages and deaths (in the custody of the town clerk of Lexington), Vol. In the interval between his death and the installation of his successor, Aug. Spar- hawk of Boston, under the direction of the committee ; and we desire to make public acknowledgment of the thanks due him for the intelligent and conscientious manner in which he has done his work. Sarah, lathan,^ lia, S ( ah, ) Ebenezer, J ^ ^ g^ ^^^g James, ^ ^ j ■ O'Connell. Emily Anne, j Theodore, j Lydfa, \ ^P- ^'-y 30, 1812. //-n- p^ y i r i looe Joan Sonhia ( (Oliver &) Joanna, bp.

Ux Ha' ( ^^'- ^^ ^^'^^•' ^'P- '^^^^' ^' ^'^^• Rebekah, d.

X Martha, X ^lary, X William, X Elizabeth^ d of Wm.

June 17, 1798, 137 wl'llis^' i ^''^' ^^ '^''^^"'^ * Elizabeth Munroe, b.

Eliza, "l Fmilv \ ^^^- of R"f"s, bp- J'll- - 1^^27.

This child at his birth had four great-grand pai'ents living in Lexington, and four grand parents.

James, Sr., James, Jr., Nathan, Susanna, Abigail, Sarah, Ruth, 11 Jonathan, s.

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