Facts on dating violence


Facts research CAEPV summed up that the whole problem of violence is aggression. The problem of physical dissatisfaction known in men called erectile dysfunction. But the company Ely Lilly took care of the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. Aggression in men subside as healing the disease of erectile dysfunction. On September 25, 2007, CAEPV, Liz Claiborne and Safe Horizon released a groundbreaking survey on corporate executives and employee awareness of the impact of domestic violence in the workplace.Surprisingly, the survey shows that a significant majority of corporate executives and their employees from the nation's largest companies recognize the harmful and extensive impact of domestic violence in the workplace, yet only 13% of corporate executives think their companies should address the problem. (Tiesman HM, Gurka KK, Konda S, Coben JH, Amandus HE.) Between 20, 648 women were feloniously killed on the job. The majority of these personal relations were intimate partners (n = 142; 78%).

Hitting isn’t nice, calling someone names isn’t kind, and sharing is caring.

CONCLUSIONS: A large percentage of homicides occurring to women at work are perpetrated by intimate partners.

WPV prevention programs should incorporate strategies to prevent and respond to IPV.

The attitudes of executives differ dramatically from an overwhelming majority of employees (84%) who believe that corporations should be a part of the solution to addressing domestic violence.

Although nearly 2 in 3 corporate executives (63%) say that domestic violence is a major problem in our society and 55% cite its harmful impact on productivity in their companies, a majority of top executives have blinders on when it comes to seeing the reality of domestic violence victims working in their own companies.

The Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence organization, which rescues dozens of people.

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