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We spotted Six Nations champ Gordon Darcy leaving Today FM's Ray Darcy show yesterday missing about 2 stone of awesome celtic beardage and sporting a rather nice new rain coat. Little did we know when we spotted the big sparkler on Show fav Madeline Mulqueen's finger this week that a global news scoop would follow. Seems we inadvertently outed Madeline Mulqueen & Jack Reynor's secret engagement. Our Madzer was out on Grafton Street shooting a pilot TV show for RTE called Bounce. Off to buy a new hat for the 'Jackeen' wedding in Limerick where, we're sure, there'll be a Horse Outside...

Now, we're not sure what vibe he's going for but the trendy garment reminded us of a green wax version of the jackets the brave Bering Sea trawler men wear on The Deadliest Catch tv show. If you happen by the Grand Canal at Baggot Street Bridge you might spot the benched contemplative gentleman in the ruby red slippers. When they held hands & stared into each other's eyes, one in a short summer dress and the other in jeans and a blazer, we instantly knew this was Ireland's Most Stylish Couple. Daniella Moyles & Rozanna Purcell being the big messers that they are at the VIP Style Awards 2014 launch at The Style Club today. We couldn't be happier or more excited for comeback king Shane Filan making his mark post Westlife and money woes. More than that, we're lovin' the new quiff Mr Filan, it would put Johnny Bravo to shame. Our very own First Lady, Amy Huberman is juggling a baby, Brian O'Driscoll, and The Machine. Her fictitious brother in The Stag aka Peter Mc Donald.

But, if we were to give the lads some advice we'd tell them to take a wee break and come back in a year or two with a whole new grown-up vibe.

Saying that, when we bumped into the talented twins in Dublin Airport last weekend, they were still surrounded by throngs of teenage girls. The last time we saw Kelly Mongan on our screens she was as pregnant as a girl could be and singing her head off on The Voice...

And, Spinal Tap trumps everything every time forever...

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So we're back getting motivated at Pilates Plus Dublin studios in Dun Laoghaire folks. With our fav blonde model Karena Graham we're doing the 'Fitness after the Festivities' 2014 promotion.The social wolfpack were out in force last night for the Irish premiere of The Wolf of Wallstreet. So the weather may be as miserable as a well-smacked-arse but do not fret folks for Spring & Summer have arrived. Top models Thalia Heffernan, Rozanna Purcell, and Joanne Northey have brought forth the new season's fashions at Brown Thomas. 2014 will see the likes of Alexander Mc Queen, Erdem, J. Anderson, Lanvin, Saint Laurent, Stella Mc Cartney, Tom Ford, Victoria Beckham and Prada at BTs. She's in demand over in that London what with MTV and that I'm A Celebrity thing, but our very own Laura Whitmore likes to get home as much as she can.Seems the themes explored touched a nerve with most of the attendees who were singing the film's praises on Twitter after the curtains came down. Last night she was partying at Fade Street Social with the likes of Angela Scanlon and other fashion femmes.We always thought our Karena looked best with a surfboard under her arm, turns-out she's even hotter in Plank Pose...Ireland's only celebrity stylist Angela Scanlon was spotted today sashaying down Dawson Street like a boss, rocking a leopard-print coat and a pair of shades Elton John would have been proud of back-in-the-day.Even though she looks like a teenager the Corrie gal was celebrating her 23rd birthday at Baroque with fiance John Sage. The man that gives good hair celebrated his 50th birthday at House on Leeson Street last night surrounded by a mixture of friends, work colleagues, his clientele, and some likely-lads in dresses. Us lot here at Show will be forever connected to Samantha Mumba. Well, her wee career started back in 2000 with her 'Gotta Tell You' smash hit, around the time we launched this ickle website (same design too! Since we've known The Glenda of The Gilson, she's always been nipping about town in wee sporty cars.

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