Mary lynn rajskub dating rush limbaugh


(Bonus Question: Is there any background about what led to the smooch? Interestingly, she really has an impossible name, had it been during the studio era, she would've been re-named to... But on seasons 4 and 5, she was wonderful, and quickly became the best character on the show other than Jack.

) Please say no, as I'd never be able to watch 24 again. Rajskubb certainly shares some quirks with the character O'Brian. She was one of the only competent employees at CTU, and the go-to girl for anything high-tech and improbable.

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I mean, is finding a balding, pudgy guy to smooch on (albiet a stiff one) your way over trying to get over dear Edgar's death? Was it the viagra customs agents found in his suitcase the other day that suddenly made her want him? I don't give a crap about Rush being a Republican, that isn't my problem.

Granted, it's a damn uncomfortable looking kiss, but you can't ignore the way Chloe is gazing adoringly at Rush in the first photo.

This photo was taken at an event for The Heritage Foundation and it's rumored that dear Chloe (aka Mary-Lynn Rajskub) and radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh are now dating and apparently making out in public.

People with those ailments come across as rude because they lack a certain kind of social sensitivity, whereas I think Chloe knows what people think and just doesn't care. Marley23, other than that Washington Post picture of Rush laying one on her at a public event, is there anything else to that rumor?

(Bonus Question: Is there any background about what led to the smooch?

Whenever you show up, you're guaranteed hours of laughter.

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