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During this meeting Alexandra was able to give a statement on behalf of CHOICE.

From the Ohio Statehouse to the organized and mobilized anti-Choice movements in Poland; we are witnessing increased attacks on fundamental freedoms, where our sexual and reproductive health and rights are under threat.

Even though his fans loved the character of Willem Parel, Sonneveld started to hate his own creation, taking the chance to get rid of the character once and for all: In 1955 Gerard Rutten gave Sonneveld a break from his alter-ego when, in his film, had Parel step out of a promotional poster and embrace a life of his own.

The Commission on the Status of Women is taking place right now from 12-24 March in New York.

We join HRAPF and our many partners in firmly condemning this attack to its guards, its premises and the human rights movement in its entirety.

“Youth are powerful agents of change”, spoke the Secretary General of the Dutch Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Joke Brandt today, at the Youth Ambassador SRHR handover event: the Next Chapter.It premiered in Rotterdam in 1960 with Wim in the role of Professor Higgins.Although his part in My Fair Lady was hugely successful, Dutch audiences will always remember him for his character, Willem Parel, the son of an organ player, who often spoke in general about playing the organ as much as he talked specifically about playing an organ in a sexual sense.“My government allows me to participate in this discussion.Not despite my age, but because of my age.” Lotte Dijkstra, Youth Ambassador SRHR.The dominant anti-FGM discourse leaves no room for the great diversity among women who have undergone the practice.

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