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We're not reading the book, but based on our devotion to our beat, we offer here one anecdote to emerge from John Gotti Junior's self-published ebook.

The story involves John Gotti threatening Frank Sinatra's life using Joseph "Joe the German" Watts, one of three guys Junior once discussed privately.

“He does not appear to know how to live his life without violence and killing,” she said.

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Manhattan federal Judge Colleen Mc Mahon told the gangster that he appeared “healthy" and that he also looked like he was quite “accustomed to prison life.” “I’m betting you may walk out of jail,” she said, adding that Watts a “cold-blooded killer” who committed “heinous” and “hideous” acts in service to the mob.Berger would be walking the streets,” Shargel said.As previously reported, Watts so terrified turncoat Brian Greenwald that he begged the judge to stay in the slammer rather than risk retribution from a feared gangland gunslinger.Watts also admitted assaulting ex-con Abe Berger, whom he met while serving six years for a 1998 money-laundering conviction.Defense lawyer Gerald Shargel said Berger “essentially defrauded” Watts of 0,000 by claiming to be a “wizard” at picking stocks. Watts was the person they claim him to be, I doubt that Mr.But, hey, we don't have a problem overall with this story.

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