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This town is known for a lot of things, primarily its spectacular public library (which also happens to be my employer), and a certain university.What it is not known for is for being a hotbed of romantic opportunities.Then read your FREE Compatibility profile® and meet Princeton singles that are truly right for you.Waiting time: In her 40s, Kristin Friberg finds online dating a minefield of interested parties either 10-plus years older, men in their 20s looking for older women, openly married men with anonymous lewd profile pictures, or men who repeatedly ask you to send them pictures.The moment I opened the door and assumed my place in the regular queue, I scanned the crowd and was mildly overcome by an unpleasant odor. I was so put off by trying to place the smell that I declined his chivalrous offer, not starting off on the best foot.My date had gotten there ahead of me, and came over to introduce himself and offer to pay for my coffee. As we settled at a table near the front of the storefront, the odiferous mystery was solved when he told me that he had gotten stuck behind a garbage truck most of the way from Pennsylvania.Being a parent makes you more protective about who you decide to let into your world than if you are completely on your own.

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Things were swept aside until they could no longer be ignored. I don’t want to put a damper on anyone’s resolutions for finding love in 2018, but if you’re going to find love and you’re over 40, you may have to look further than Princeton.

(Now, there’s a selling point in the dating world if you’ve ever heard one.) Surely, I have gone on dates over this last decade with Princeton serving as the backdrop.

There was the first (and only) date with someone whom I met through e Harmony: a man who rode his motorcycle from New Hope to meet me at Small World.

“You know, I actually made a plan to get some shopping in while in Princeton.

It was great meeting you,” and he bolted out the door. The trick is finding that person who will appreciate the special qualities that only you possess.

After getting to know each other as acquaintances, he became the rebound relationship after the divorce from whom I learned, literally, how to get back out on my bicycle.

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