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is the sanctioning body for gay rodeos held throughout the United States and Canada.They are the largest group coordinating rodeo events specifically welcoming lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) as well as heterosexual participants and spectators.She's happy to talk about her recent date, which, she says, was custom tailored for her.“Maybe I’m being a stereotype right now, but I am from Texas, so I’ve expressed that I have this city side, but I also ride horses,” Lindsay says.No, she’s not looking to marry a professional equestrian, but “I like a guy that can roll with the punches” and not be afraid to try something new, says the attorney, who's since revealed that she is engaged to someone on the show.

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Lindsay and Battle go off to shoot, but he has less experience speaking in TV-friendly soundbites.“Once you start getting focused on what’s happening, you don’t even see the cameras anymore," the Chicago native says.The event was renamed in 2009 from the previous "International Gay Rodeo Finals" moniker it held from its onset in Hayward, California.The original intent of these rodeos was fundraising, and while highly competitive and structured rodeos still serve the primary purpose of being fundraisers.After Battle and Lindsay shop in posh Beverly Hills stores, with their equine companions in tow, they sit on benches outside of City Hall.With buses of tourists finally out of sight, they can relax.One suggests he has a “little makeout” with Lindsay.

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