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Chat for Free DESCRIPTION: Very busy traditional webcam chatrooms PROS: Lots of girls CONS: You are competing in public chat with a lot of other guys ; can be hard to get the girls to private chat Chatroulette DESCRIPTION: The original!Connects you automatically and randomly to other users.Strange and there was enough fuel for a fresh round of writers, filmmakers, and actors taking Hollywood to task for its refusal to cast Asian actors.Whitewashing is very real, and the deficit of starring roles for Asians is one lane in the representation race that is stubbornly slow to advance.It requires registration(and the ability to speak a few foreign languages! PROS: Lots of girls CONS: Requires registration ; and if you can't speak a foreign language, you'll have to pretend to be learning one.Private webcam conversations are limited to about 20 a day.

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Some of these connect you directly cam-to-cam with other users.

Others are free full blown chatrooms, where you can chat with a variety of people before asking them for a private webcam conversation.

Night Shyamalan's Avatar adaptation and Emma Stone playing a half-Chinese character in Aloha were still fresh in our collective memory.

(Both films were bombs; so much for the "white actors are more bankable" argument.) Add the more recent controversy of Tilda Swinton's casting as a Tibetan character in Marvel's Dr.

CONS: Slightly more men than women (but given that most of the guys are absolute chumps, you will find it really easy to talk to girls if you follow our advice on How to get a girl to flash you ; your profile will take up to 24 hours to get approved, but having a profile pic will greatly increase your chances.

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