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Arkansas's Attorney General was determined to get the execution underway before the warrant expired at midnight.

But the US Supreme Court refused to overrule the state Supreme Court's decision to uphold a stay of execution granted on Saturday.

Former executioners have joined the inmates' fight, speaking out to accuse the state of playing 'Russian roulette' with the prisoners' lives by relying on the unreliable lethal injection cocktail.Davis, 54, murdered 64-year-old Jane Daniels by shooting her in the back of her head in her home during a robbery.Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge said the US Supreme Court's decision was 'heartbreaking' for the victim's family.The legal battle comes after eight prisoners were abruptly scheduled to die over just 11 days as Arkansas's supply of the lethal injection ingredient, Midazolam, approaches its expiration date.Over the weekend, US District Judge Kristine Baker granted temporary stays of execution for all of the prisoners - putting off Davis's for one day.Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson said he's disappointed after the US Supreme Court declined to lift a stay that would have allowed the state's first execution in 12 years.

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