Speed dating cards esl

The questions will depend largely on your students’ proficiency level, but the basic idea is to have them learn about the other person’s personality quickly.

Next, you’ll need to set up a system for students to be matched up on speed dates.

For a more traditional exercise, or with adult students who might not be familiar with Tinder, try writing lonely hearts advertisements.

These activities will introduce relevant vocabulary in a way that holds your students’ attention—therefore better preparing them to communicate in English. While it was once seen as seedy and desperate, it’s now a normal part of single life.

Some even say that meeting a partner online is a way to a stronger relationship!

There’s a reason why plenty of students struggle to stay awake in poetry classes. In many cases, the subject matter isn’t engaging and they can’t see how it applies to them.

That’s why you should start using more interactive Valentine’s Day activities in the classroom.

That’ll help them to get familiar with different accents and build confidence, too.

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