The 7 deadly sins of online dating doc dating questions ask gay guy

We also hear from South Australia's first Aboriginal woman in Christian ministry, Rev'd Denise Champion, on the way she's dealt with race, gender and faith.

More ), a concept popularised in the 20th century by Gandhi as a non-violent tool for mass action.

(It also incorporates some ideas I had previously but hadn't collected yet.) A little of it is specific to OKCupid, but most of it can be applied to any dating site, and some to dating in general.

I've cited points which came from single comments (i.e. OKCupid already has a blog for just that, and it's called OKTrends." OKTrends has its merits, but it also has one major flaw.

SNCTM is not only an exclusive club, it's an experience where you can live out your wildest fantasies and feel free to explore your true ...

See full summary » An in-depth look at the weird and darkly comic world of sin in the documentary series SEVEN DEADLY SINS, from Oscar nominated executive producer Morgan Spurlock, under his Warrior Poets production banner, along with his producing partner Jeremy Chilnick.

More This week, two perspectives on the rise of Buddhism in the West.

We meet Bhante Sujato, a former rock musician who became an ordained monk, teacher and reformer in the Thai Forest tradition of Buddhism.

We speak to British author Nick Spencer who has written a book on the topic. Taylor, who reconstructs Christ's image in her new book.And, we hear about the Sikhs who fought alongside and with our ANZACS - and who also influenced the Australian army uniform.More This week we’re talking the triumphs, trials and tribulations of women in religion.Hosted by Spurlock, this stylized documentary series will explore each of the seven deadly sins - one per episode - and will be told through Spurlock's unique and extreme lens.Last month, Will_Newsome started a thread about OKCupid, one of the major players among online dating sites--especially for the young-and-nerdy set, given their mathematical approach to matching.We’ll meet a Jain couple, hear from historian William Dalrymple, and explore the crossover between Jainism and other faiths.

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