Who is paul anka dating


Cops were called to the home of veteran singer PAUL ANKA this week (beg30Nov09) after the star's wife requested help to deal with a domestic dispute.The singer/songwriter's wife Anna Yeager called 911 twice on Thursday...Veteran entertainer Paul Anka has cancelled his upcoming concerts in Israel amid mounting tensions in the Middle East.The singer was due to perform two shows in Tel Aviv next week (beg21Jul14), but he has now...Veteran singer PAUL ANKA has stepped up his bitter divorce battle with estranged wife ANNA - he's suing her for defamation in a dispute over their prenuptial agreement.Anka filed for divorce in December (09) following...

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Anka was stunned when he heard a leaked version of the King of Pop's first posthumous release, This Is...Veteran entertainer Paul Anka offered Jay Z the chance to record a rap for a reworked version of his Michael Jackson collaboration, but claims the hip-hop star deliberately dodged his calls. Veteran entertainer Paul Anka is celebrating his sixth decade in the music industry with a new all-star duets album, featuring collaborations with Dolly Parton, Celine Dion, Willie Nelson and Patti Labelle. Michael Jackson's estate is being sued for million.A music producer claims he is owed for his involvement on the late singer's posthumously released track 'This is It', and is suing both Jackson's estate...The administrators of Jackson's estate acknowledged This...Singer PAUL ANKA's wife has ignited controversy among conservatives in her native Sweden after declaring women should expect husbands to cheat if they "neglect their needs".PAUL ANKA paid tribute to MICHAEL JACKSON at a concert in Chile on Monday (22Feb10) - by performing their song THIS IS IT.

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