Young women dating men cerebral palsy


For example buttoning up a shirt and you realise you've made a mistake, sorting out a tie knot so it looks the way you want it too.

leaving the house and having to go back for something.

I don't think the agitation was uncalled for at all.

Also, do you think she has a learning disability because she can't tie a rope?

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Yes, people can have learning disabilities along with CP, but they can also be geniuses. If you have any other questions we may be able to help.The things that the right side of the brain controls are.Maggie also suffers from Executive Function Impairment.Can you imagine knowing how to do something but not physically able to do it?My son is only 3 but already I can see this happening in certain activities he tries to undertake. I would suggest asking yourself how many times in a day or a week do you get frustrated when the little things you do don't go to plan.One of the first things you do when learning rock climbing is to be trained to tie the rope to your harness. Despite the learning disability I believe she is intelligent.

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